Graham Short is not just a leading light in the micro engraving and contemporary art world. He is a humanitarian and tries to make a difference every year to a major charitable cause close to his heart. This year is no different, Graham has been working away quietly and come up with an amazing piece of work to spotlight Children in Need! Below are the images of the fantastic piece he has done for this deserving charity


In 2016, Graham – in partnership with the THH Gallery, Kelso – distributed four engraved £5 notes into the four countries of Great Britain. After spending months engraving the portrait of Jane Austen and a quote from her more famous works onto the translucent area of the notes, he and Tony Huggins-Haig placed the notes into circulation by using them in small, private owned businesses in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and England.

The reason for placing the notes into the public domain so easily was that anybody of any demographic could discover a note in their change, or pocket money, and thus have a wonderful end to 2016. The THH Gallery who partnered with Graham were chosen by him as their policy is to bring art and goodwill to the wider British community throughout the year. Graham and the Gallery have gained no profit from these actions, and as Graham puts it so well; “sometimes you just need some good cheer, money isn’t everything”.

Two notes have already now been discovered, but two remain in circulation. 2016 ended spectacularly for Graham, but 2017 is only just beginning and he is very excited to see what it has in store.