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British Miniature Engraver

Graham Short

“Known as “the world’s smallest engraver” for his miniature art masterpieces, Graham Short has spent almost 50 years learning his craft, going to physical and mental extremes to produce the finest-quality miniature art engravings in the world.

Graham was born in Birmingham in 1946, into a family with serious engraving pedigree; an ancestor was Sir Francis Short, the renowned Victorian hand engraver.

After a national newspaper discovered Graham’s Gift, the demand for his work was immediate and his first exhibition was a complete sell out with the entire collection selling in just seven minuets. Graham from this point forward would come to be known as ‘Hands of Genius’ throughout the world.

Appearing in news and television features internationally and the subject of a discovery documentary Graham is now considered one of the most talented living artists in the world. His completed masterpieces are collected by art enthusiasts from around the world and his pieces are housed in some of the world’s most desirable postcodes and museum’s.

Each original piece is painstakingly produced stroke by stroke under extreme circumstances by hand, often in the dead of night. Each piece can take up to eight months to complete and each exquisite piece is truly a work of art.

Graham’s work sells around the world and his artwork continues to rise in value. Graham has only completed around 48 pieces in his lifetime and he only produces around four pieces per year making him one of the most collectable and desirable living artists around today.


Art Work

Here you can find a small selection of Graham Short’s miniature pieces of art available to buy. These pieces of art are one off masterpieces and highly sought-after.